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Understanding the ERP 2.0: What Drivers Need to Know

Singapore's Electronic Road Pricing system has been updated to ERP 2.0. The first ERP system used actual gantries to collect tolls. ERP 2.0, on the other hand, uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). This technology lets road prices be more accurate, flexible, and also as a means to cut down on traffic jams and improve traffic flow management.

Important Things About ERP 2.0 Satellite Tracking:

How It Works: The GNSS is used by ERP 2.0 to track the moves of vehicles. This means that cars are tracked by satellite instead of going through physical gantries. 

Benefits: This makes the tolling system more accurate and flexible based on real-time traffic situations, which makes it more fair for everyone who uses the roads.

Notifications: The new system can let cars know about road conditions and toll prices in real time, which helps them make smart choices.

Effects on the environment:

Less pollution: ERP 2.0 helps lower pollution from vehicles by making traffic flow better. When cars don't sit idle in traffic as much, the city's carbon footprint goes down.

What drivers need to know about setting up on-board units (OBUs):

For all vehicles except motorcycles, the OBU will be made up of three parts. motorbikes will still only have one piece. An antenna, a processing unit, and a touchscreen panel make up the three-piece units. The antenna and tablet display will be attached to the lower right corner of the front windscreen, where the driver can see them. For the 3-piece unit, the processing unit is on the right side of the passenger footwell. People who own cars can choose not to install the touchscreen display, but they won't be able to change the volume of the OBU. Other features, like a future payment system that will be added to the OBU and live traffic data and updates, can be accessed through smartphone apps made with software development kits that has been release by the LTA.

In conclusion, Singapore's method of managing traffic and setting prices for roads has changed a lot with ERP 2.0. It offers a system that is fairer, more efficient, and better for the environment by using satellite technology and real-time statistics. Understanding ERP 2.0 is important for drivers to get around in the new world and get the most out of this new way of doing things.  

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